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Eme Chang Vergara

Eme Chang Vergara builds up his model book with a splendid session from photographer Xram Ragde, Eme is 22 yo and of Spanish-Korean descent. Represented by JIMS Model he is currently in Bangkok, Thailand.

Eme Chang Vergara
Height : 189
Weight : 85
Chest : 38
waist : 33.5
hips : 41
hair : Black
eyes : Brown
shoes : 45
nationality : Spanish – Korean

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Ian Chua

HEIGHT: 1.78m
AGE: 18

Currently pursuing a diploma at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Ian Chua also a part-time model and have participated in various talent competitions and modelling events. During his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, sports and doing voluntary work. More importantly, he enjoys being a listener to people around me. Bringing happiness and comfort to them is a huge priority in his…

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